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Dogz (Official and Hexed)

There are currently 10 Official and 63 Hexed dogz available on this page.

Official Dogz

Hexed Dogz II Dogz

To use these dogz just unzip them into your Petz II directory under /Resource/Dogz. They are edited from the basic dogs.

All of these dogz are from other dogz lovers sites. I have given full credit for each dog to their creators. Most of the dogz images were taken by me though, so I could show you what they look like.
***All the links on the dogz are working now. Those dogz that don't have links are no longer available. I could not find all the files. If you have one of the dogz that I no longer have, please e-mail me and send me it. Petz II hexed dogz cannot be interchanged with previous or newer versions of Dogz software.***