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The Laser Challenge Pro gear was an attempt to bring arena style gear to home users. It failed...

Laser Challenge Pro Codes top
The Laser Challenge Pro vests use 3 digit number codes to activate special abilities. 1 digit and 2 digit codes are used at startup to define game play. 4 digit or higher codes do not exist, but it takes the last 3 you enter and uses that.

Gear top
There is not much gear to the Laser Challenge Pro. The gun and vest are connected, and only one accessory was made.

Laser Challenge Pro top
Released- 1997
Battery Req.: 7 AA's; 4 in front, 3 in back
Range: 200 ft.
Ammo: Depends on mode
Accessory Port(s): 3
Set(s): Clash Pack and Competitor Pack
Info: This was a very good attempt at arena style gear, but alas it did not work out. The good things about it are that there are 3 sensors! One on the front, one on the back, and one on the gun. Also, there is a little red light on it, clearly visible to everyone else (except in extreme sunlight). It was an indicator to what team you were on (flashing or solid). It has 3 accessory ports which is awesome, but then only one accessory was made for it. The vest also vibrates when hit.
Laser Challenge Pro is very faulty. Both of the ones I have purchased developed problems after about 2 months of use. The buttons started to fail or the digital display would stop working. I have done my best to repair them but without tearing the whole circuitry apart, there is no easy way to fix these problems.
The Pro vest has a lot of features that lead to the Laser Challenge V2 gear, like Max Blasts, Shields, and playing with or without sound.

Image Laser Challenge Pro

Walkie Talkie top
Released- 1998
Battery Req.: 1 9-Volt
Range: 900 ft.
Original Price: $24.99
Info: This is the only accessory that was released for the Laser Challenge Pro. You can hear the vest sound effects through them, and is a real nice way to talk to other people playing with Pro vests over great distances. They come in Red or Blue, another way to show what team you are on.

Image Walkie Talkie

Sets top
Even thought there were only two different sets, a single and a double pack, I will list them.

Clash Pak top
Released- 1997
Battery Req.: 14 AA's
Contents: 2 Laser Challenge Pro Vests
Original Price: $119.99
Info: This Pak was cheaper then getting two of the single Pak's. This was not worth the investment due to Pro vests flawed designs.

Image Clash Pak

Competitor Pak top
Released- 1997
Battery Req.: 7 AA's
Contents: 1 Laser Challenge Pro Vest
Original Price: $69.99
Info: While really not a set, the Laser Challenge Pro had everything in one bundle, but still failed in the long run.

Image Competitor Pak